Weekend newspaper article on Senzo Meyiwa murder investigation is misleading

PRETORIA - The article which appeared on the front page of the Sunday Independent on 10 November 2019 is misleading to say the least.

The article contains a myriad of assumptions, untruths and innuendos which have the potential of causing unnecessary uncertainties.

For starters, Colonel Gininda is heading a team which is relooking at cold cases in terms the South African Police Service Cold Case Intervention Programme as pronounced by the National Commissioner of Police.

Gininda is still the lead investigator of the team which is investigating the murder of Senzo Meyiwa. He has never been removed or replaced as the investigator of the Senzo Meyiwa matter since he was tasked with this investigation in 2018.

The National Commissioner is being kept updated on the investigation on a regular basis and is satisfied with the work that has been done so far.

The article is nothing short of story-telling based primarily on assumptions which can only be interpreted as intended to mislead the nation.

Once again the National Commissioner is appealing to the nation, the media in particular, to allow this investigation to take its course unhindered. "However, we will welcome any information that can help bring us closer to resolving this case, said General Khehla Sitole.

Colonel Gininda has a wealth of experience in criminal investigations after having successfully brought down one of this country's biggest criminal underworld figures, Radovan Krejcir. "Therefore, everyone may rest assured that this investigation is being done by a team led by a good and capable investigator, added General Sitole.

Source: South African Police Service