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DeepBlue Technology to Attend the 10th BRICS Summit to Showcase Latest AI Products

SHANGHAI, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DeepBlue Technology, a Chinese technology unicorn firm, will attend the 10th BRICS Summit as one of the frontrunners of the AI field. The event will be held from July 25th to 27th in Johannesburg, South Africa. The summit will bring together dignitaries from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa

As one of the attendees of the summit, DeepBlue Technology will bring their AI vending machine to the official meeting and banquet. As a B-to-B technology provider, the company offers a series of self-service retail solutions involving technologies, algorithms, software, and hardware, which are mainly applied through the following products: the DeepBlue Pattaya Self-Driving Commercial Utility Vehicle, the Self-Driving Mopping Robot, the DeepBlue Wall-E Security Guard Robot, the DeepBlue AI Self-vendor machine and more.

The 2018 BRICS Summit seeks to leverage the Strategy for Economic Partnership towards the pursuit of Inclusive Growth and Advancing the 4th Industrial Revolution. The summit is intended to foster discussions to address opportunities provided by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as a means of leapfrogging development stages and bridging the digital divide.

In the international arena, BRICS countries are expected to provide more solutions to persistent global issues including economic crises and advancing the 4th Industrial Revolution. The type of technology at the head of the 4th Industrial Revolution is artificial intelligence (AI). Data collection is one of the keys to AI technology, and BRICS’ support of data-focused industries in their respective countries would be a boon for AI technology. DeepBlue Technology hopes to present the positive effects of how data can help BRICS countries. As the BRICS summit will show, mutual complementarity of strengths and resources among countries can lead the way to peaceful development.

About DeepBlue Technology

DeepBlue Technology is a cutting-edge AI technology company that was founded in 2014. With regional headquarters, research and development branches in Europe, the United States, and Australia, their goal is to see AI technology in combination with various industries.

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