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Casio to Release Mid-Size G-SHOCK

Featuring Luxe Metal Bezel and Dimensional Dial

TOKYO, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the latest addition to its G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The GM-S110 is a digital-analog combination timepiece with a mid-size design featuring a luxe metal bezel and a dimensional dial. The new watch will be available in four models.


With their toughness-oriented design, G-SHOCK watches have long been popular, especially with a broad range of male users. Now, to serve an even more diverse fan base, Casio has added a focus on expanding its lineup of watches for women and developing more compact models that anyone can wear.

The new GM-S110 is designed to nicely fit slimmer wrists, with a more compact and comfortable 42-mm case diameter and slimmer 13-mm profile, which still delivers all the shock resistance you expect in a G-SHOCK. The watch features a dimensional dial with a design based on the popular GMA-S110, which has received high marks from users across the gender spectrum.GM-S110-1A/GM-S110PG-1A/GM-S110B-8A/GM-S110LB-2A

The intricately shaped bezel has separate hairline and mirror finishes applied to individual surfaces to enhance the texture of the metal. The dial, which is composed of a complex arrangement of 3D parts, also features a metallic finish applied to multiple components to nicely complement the metal bezel.

The new watch is available in four models. The GM-S110-1A features a stylish silver color that showcases the original texture of the metal. The GM-S110PG-1A gets an exquisite touch of color with pink gold IP. The GM-S110B-8A has a chic look thanks to gray IP. The GM-S110LB-2A employs newly developed light blue IP. The sophisticated cool of these color options makes any one of the new GM-S110 watches a superb complement to any fashion or style.

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