Update: George FCS Unit appeals to community to assist in tracing missing autistic child

GEORGE – The Eden Cluster Commander, Major General Oswald Reddy has praised members of the George FCS Unit for their endurance and dedication to trace the missing 7-year-old Devine who had been reunited with his parents at about 20:00 this evening, Friday, 09 April 2021.

This follows an intensive search and media campaign, in an effort to find the boy since he disappeared yesterday.

At about 19:00 the investigation officer received a call from a community member on one of the dedicated cell phone numbers provided on the pamphlets and various media platforms whereby people were advised to call the investigation officer. The caller made a report that a boy fitting the missing Devine's description had just walked into their yard and that he was safely kept inside their house.

The investigation officer immediately went to the address in Parkdene, George and verify the information. She later arranged that the boy be reunited with his parents at the Thembalethu police station where the initial missing person's report was made yesterday.

The boy seems to be unharmed and in a sound and well condition.

Even though, the boy will still undergo medical evaluation to ascertain his medical wellbeing and the circumstances surrounding his ordeal is still under investigation.

The cooperation received from the "Community is commendable and demonstrates the positive results which can be achieved when police and community work hand in hand together for a common goal, in this case the safe return of a missing child and to reunited him with his parents,” Major General Reddy concluded.

Source: South Africa Police Service