Special Investigating Unit on allegations of non-compliance to policies made in Sunday Independent

Allegations of non-compliance to policies within the Special Investigating Unit (SIU)

The SIU has noted the comments made in the Sunday Independent front page and stands by its statement issued on 14 July 2017 that in appointing Deloitte to assist with the Organisational Review, all SIU procurement processes were duly adhered to, following an open competitive bidding process, which was audited by the SIU's Internal Audit Department.

SIU denies that it is embroiled in a tender irregularity controversy and that the National Treasury forced SIU to advertise the tender. National Treasury advised SIU on a specific tender option, however, SIU decided to follow an open tender process.

The SIU Management reiterates again that it is satisfied that the procurement process was fair, transparent, equitable and according to the policies of the SIU. The Head of the Unit Advocate Andy Mothibi has stated that, as a further assurance measure, the SIU will also refer this process to be audited by the Auditor General of South Africa and/or Office of the Chief Procurement Officer.

Whilst the SIU respects the rights of employees to freedom of expression especially as we undergo the organisational review, we will be instituting internal investigations to establish if there are any internal staff members deliberately exploiting this freedom to mislead members of the public and bring the units reputation into disrepute. Mothibi said

Source: Government of South Africa