South African Social Security Agency visits disabled beneficiaries for card swap

SASSA to visit frail and disabled beneficiaries for card swap

The South African Social Security Agency is urging all frail and disabled social grant beneficiaries who are unable to visit SASSA or South African Post offices to contact their SASSA local offices. SASSA is ensuring that home visits are being conducted because by December 2018 all beneficiaries must have the new SASSA card and enjoy its benefits.

It came to SASSA’s attention that frail and disabled beneficiaries are faced with a challenge to come to SASSA and SAPO offices for card swap. SASSA therefore has assembled some teams to conduct home visits on request, for the affected category of beneficiaries, as well as institutions (Old age homes and people with disability) where numbers of beneficiaries reside.

Beneficiaries must note that the January 2019 deposits of social grants will not be made in the old white SASSA card therefore they all must card swap into the new gold card before 14 December 2018. Card swaps are conducted at cash pay points, post office outlets and community venues identified by both SASSA and SAPO.

Required documents for the card swap:

Old SASSA card and the beneficiary’s green barcoded ID Book or smart card ID. The card swap will only need the person who actually collects the grant and his/her procurator if there is one.

Source: Government of South Africa