South Africa: No Safe Easter for PE’s Northern Surburbs – DA

There will be no safe Easter for the residents of Port Elizabeth's Northern suburbs as gangsterism continues to flourish, the DA said in a statement on Friday.

Mayoral candidate Athol Trollip said Police Minister Nathi Nhleko should shoulder the blame for this, citing "broken promises" to deploy the police and the army.

"Sadly, there will be no safe Easter for the people of PE's Northern Areas and the ANC will have more blood on its hands," he said.

"This desperate community has been begging for assistance in their fight against gangsterism and crime, which has fallen on deaf ears in the ANC government. Instead Minister Nhleko has done an about-turn on previous commitments like the ANC in Nelson Mandela Bay, joining to the list of endless broken promises," Trollip added.

"The ANC has now added the broken promise of army intervention to the broken promise of a functioning Metro Police, the broken promise of bolstered SAPS resources, broken promises of housing, refuse collection, water, electricity and jobs."

Trollip said that ending the scourge of gangsterism and criminality that came with it required urgent attention.

"The gangsterism crisis in PE's Northern Areas needs rapid intervention and political will, both of which will not materialise under an ANC government."

Source: News24