Six suspects arrested by Verulam police

Verulam police embarked on an intelligence driven operations for the past two days curbing house robberies and housebreakings in their area. The operation started on 14 February 2017 and ended yesterday where they managed to arrest a total of six suspects. The first three suspects were arrested at Amaotana area on 14 February. The suspects were linked to a house robbery that was reported at Verulam area. Two more suspects are still at large. The victim was at her house when she was approached by five males who robbed her of her cellphone, clothing and TV set. A case of house robbery was opened at Verulam police station.

On the following day, the members continued with their operations in their area where they arrested three suspects who were found in possession of housebreaking implements. Two bolt cutters, knife and screwdriver were found in their bag. All three of them were charged with possession of housebreaking implements. They will appear in the Verulam Magistrate's Court soon.

Source: South African Police Service