SAPS Junior Management Core members support needy families during GBV campaign

MOUNT FLETCHER – Today the JMC (Junior Management Core) of Joe Gqabi District continued with their different initiatives on the awareness of Gender Base Violence.

The programme was supported by the CPF, Men for Change, Women’s Network and different government departments. Traditional leaders were also represented by Chief Lehana.

The day’s program was directed by the JMC District Chairperson, Sergeant Ntoyi.

The Station Commander of Mount Fletcher Colonel Damane welcomed everybody present and Const Marawu from Maclear introduced the quest for the day. Warrant Officer Mapongwana from Elands Heights explained the purpose of the day.

Mr Mathumbu the District Manager of Safety and Liaison gave a message of support to the JMC.

“We must never under estimate the influence we have on our children. They learn from us, what we do, and what we say. Unfortunately the most affected group in the community is young girls but we must remember GBV also refer to male and females. We were all called by our President to join hands against GBV in our communities” he said.

Mr Mathumbu congratulated the JMC and all the supporting structures on this excellent initiative of theirs in the District.

The keynote address was done by the acting District Commissioner Brigadier Rudolph Adolph. He explained that at this stage we have two pandemics in our country. “The Covid-19 and Gender Based Violence and Femicide,” he said.

He further gave a background on the National Strategic Plan on GBV and some statistics on the different kinds of abuse towards the vulnerable groups in Joe Gqabi district community. He also explained the definition of GBV.

“Our society is measured by how we treat the most vulnerable in our communities. Do we demonstrate that or do we take issues seriously? We must educate our young boys that there is no difference between boys and girls when it comes to household duties and it can start with merging different tasks at home,” explained Brig Adolph.

He implored females in intimate relationships to report cases f abuse. “That can only be a way they can be helped when they speak out and ask SAPS’s assistance.

He said it seemed as if the lives of women and children have become so cheap citing the following contributing factors.

  1. Alcohol and drug abuse,
  2. Disintegration of the family structures especially absent fathers,
  3. Men that wants to show power in the form of violence,
  4. Economic dependency where women do not report the abuse because they do not know who will support them.

He suggested that our focus and approach to fighting GBV s most of is to know all have a role to play.

Our approach must be:

1) Victim centred – Let us not be judge mental and not forget about the victims after they survived.

2) Survivor focused-Let us facilitate the shift so that the victim can reclaim all she has lost.

Our CPF’s must also play a vital role he added.

Brig Adolph concluded with the three H vision he has for the District which is:

1) HOPE- There must always be hope for our communities in the SAPS and the Criminal Justice system.

2) HELP- There is always help, reach out and ask the SAPS all the structures, NGO’s is there for support.

3) HEROES-Look for the Heroes around you they are in different forms :your parents, neighbours, friends, SAPS and mentors.

Brig complimented the JMC and supporters for the organizing of the very important programme.

Two identified families the Molefe family from Polar Park and the Lupaile family from KatKop received gifts in the form of food parcels that was handed over to them. The families thanked everyone in a very emotional manner.


The programme of the day was concluded by Chief Lehana who once again mentioned how important it is to receive vital information that can assist to make the correct choices and meaningful desicions.

The day was truly a success and the JMC team has reached their objective for the area.



Source: South African Police Service

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