Prayer for peace and encouragement of police

Sakhuleka Isizwe hosted an event at Scenary Park Community Hall today.

In attendence were community reverends from different denominations, Deputy Executive Mayor Mrs Matana, East London Acting Cluster Commander Maj Gen Kanuka, Mdantsane Cluster Maj Gen Vos, Scenary Park Station Commander Lt Col Nair.

Bishop Makinana delivered his speech on the purpose of the day. He started to profile himself on good work he has done for the society. When he explained the purpose of the day he mentioned that the SAPS is doing the appreciating work to the community.

He awarded five SAPS members, Lt Col Nair Capt Qoboka, W/O Sakhela, Sgt Kondile, Sgt Giya in addition of the East London Acting Cluster Commander Maj Gen Kanuka and Majo Gen Vos witnessed that.

The Executive Deputy Mayor Mrs Matana thanked Mr Makinana on the initiative he came up with mentioning the point that police officials are always painted with doing bad things whereas the SAPS is serving everyone in the society putting their lives in danger.

After that Mr Makinana handed over some food parcels to the needy community members and promised to build a house for the needy community member.

Mdantsane Cluster Commander Maj Gen Vos also thanked Mr Makinana on the work he has done by awarding the SAPS members and his donation to the community members. "There should be no delay to report crime, also buying stolen goods can put you behind bars" he said. On his conclusion he mentioned that the members that were awarded with certificates are females "You strike a woman, you strike a rock" he said.

The East London Acting Cluster Commander thanked everyone including the one that initiated, planned and implemented the event today's event.

Source: South African Police Service