Mayor Plato goes door to door to engage with residents in Nyanga

Dan Plato, Executive Mayor of Cape Town, walked the streets of Nyanga to engage with the local community about service delivery and safety concerns experienced in the area.

In his inauguration speech last month, Mayor Plato committed to engaging with residents of the City of Cape Town about service delivery and safety concerns, and has already conducted similar community engagements in Phillipi East; Marikana; Lower Crossroads; Bonteheuwel; Netreg; Delft; Strand; Broadlands; Brackenfell; the Cape Town CBD; and Parow, with more areas lined up for the coming weeks.

The walkabout in Nyanga started at 18:00, and the Mayor was accompanied by the South African Police Service (SAPS); members from the community including the youth and religious leaders; neighbourhood watch and walking bus members; Mayoral Committee member, Phindile Maxiti; as well as three local councillors and officials from various government departments, who met at the Nyanga SAPS station before proceeding with the walkabout.

The Mayor and this team knocked on doors, walked the streets and handed out information pamphlets which included contact details to report service delivery complaints, electricity service faults, water and sewerage faults, housing database queries, the alcohol and drug 24/7 helpline and emergency contact details.

During the walkabout, the Mayor and his team engaged with residents about the issues they face, some of which included:

A request from residents for a speed bump to be installed in one of the busy roads to prevent motorists from speeding

A request from the youth to convert an illegal dumping site into a car wash business (illegal dumping in the area is already under investigation)

Crime was raised as a concern by several residents from the KTC area who claim that some criminals visibly carry their guns around and display them in broad daylight

A blocked and overflowing drain was identified for urgent maintenance work

Street lights are needed in some areas

Residents complained that they are assaulted in the early mornings and late evenings on their way to and from work

One resident complained of a leaking water management device

Many residents were pleased to meet the Mayor and happy that they were given the opportunity to directly engage with the Mayor about their concerns.

Mayor Plato committed to raising the various issued with the relevant Mayoral Committee members, SAPS and City officials and will be following up to check on progress.

Source: City of Cape Town