Yemen, next country After Syria to have deadly Turmoil in the Gulf region

Current negligence over the Yemen Turmoil by world leaders

The world’s leaders must understand or consider this Yemen turmoil as another serious threat to Gulf region’s stability and if the world’s leaders keep on neglecting this deadly turmoil in Yemen, so they must be ready to have its hazardous outcomes in the rest of the world. And the recent wave of terrorism in Turkey and some of the European countries, is the indication that world’s leaders have not opted the right approach to contribute in bringing peace in the Gulf region and make this Gulf region free from militant groups such as ISIS, which has been accused for these attacks in Europe. Many prominent media outlets have come up with reports that ISIS is rapidly strengthening in Yemen, and if the world’s leaders and the Gulf rivals constantly remain busy in suppressing each other to have an influence on the Gulf region rather than getting united to keep the ISIS away from making strong hideouts countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen, then the days are not far, when we all will be witnessing the debacle of the Gulf region.

The World’s leaders must stop ISIS to rule Yemen

Yes, the world’s leaders have very limited options when it comes to bring peace in the Gulf region and help it to get rid of the ISIS, that is not a threat only for the Gulf region, but also for the rest of the world and more specifically for Europe, because it has witnessed the severe storm of terrorism in the recent times for which the ISIS militant group have been accused. Many experts believe, who focus on the Gulf region, that Yemen can be a country that can turn out to be the safest haven for ISIS and that will strengthen it to send foreign fighters to countries that have been coping with terrorism for the longest period of time such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. As the stakeholders are determined to bring peace in the Syria, for which efforts are being witnessed to some extent, so the same way the turmoil of the Yemen should also be treated and world’s leaders should be taking part in it, as it is the matter of overall the world’s peace and stability.

Saudi Arabia’s recent stance on Yemen issue

Saudi Arabia has come up with the statement that the current regime of the Saudi Arabia does not have specific or questionable ambitions in Yemen and the current regime of Saudi Arabia is working to bring a political solution to the ongoing turmoil in Yemen and that is stated by Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel Al-Jubeir. At least this reveals that, we can expect Saudi Arabia to play an active part in bringing peace in the region and in Yemen. The Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister came up with that sort of comment at the Ministry’s headquarters while attending a joint press conference with Murray McCully, the foreign minister of New Zealand as he was on an official visit to Saudi Arabia. The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia also stated that the current regime of Saudi Arabia, does not have any hidden agenda for Yemen and in fact the current regime of Saudi Arabia is putting all its efforts into finding a peaceful and political solution to end this turmoil in Yemen as well as in the Gulf region.

What did he add more about the Yemen Turmoil?

He further added that constant consultations and negotiations will eventually ensure that all the stakeholders of Yemen will come up with a solution that will lead to the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216 on Yemen and that is not all he also mentioned the ongoing progress with the Houthis in order to bring peace in the country. Many people have noticed that talks with Houthis by this current regime of Saudi Arabia, reveals a very positive message internationally and that the Islamic military alliance is not to intensify the turmoil in Yemen. He also revealed about his meeting with McCully on various issues and added that we discussed the Palestinian crisis and the two state solution, the Syrian crisis, the ongoing situation of Yemen and Saudi Arabia’s efforts to bring up a peaceful solution there and fight against terrorism.

Saudi Arabia and Iran must get united in order to ensure peace in Yemen

Although some positive vibes are coming from Saudi Arabia, when it comes to dealing with the Yemen turmoil, but it is not enough, as without shaking hands with Iran, the current regime of Saudi Arabia, will not be able to achieve the positive results of its talks with Houthis. Iran has the ability to ask Houthis to take part in bringing peace in the country and avoid becoming an integral part of an insurgency in the country, as it is not beneficial for both the Houthis and the current state of Yemen. One must admit that since the world’s superpowers strive hard to unite both the Gulf rivals, half of the many serious issues of the Gulf region, will eliminate themselves and that is what the powerful leaders of the world must understand. Although the ISIS is getting strengthening all across the Gulf region, yet it can be easily crushed if both Gulf rivals such as Iran and Saudi Arabia strive to eliminate the hostile approach against each other, and they must understand that both of them are very important for the Gulf region. They both should also understand that as there is a huge distance between both of them, which is stopping them to sit together and bring the peaceful solution for both Yemen and for the rest of the Gulf region, so that distance actually is being leveraged by the militant groups such as ISIS and since that channel gets closed for ISIS, so people will start witnessing a world that is free from the ISIS sort of militant groups.