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Wierdabrug police station temporarily closed for decontamination due to COVID-19 related incident

All communities serviced by Wierdabrug police station are advised that the police station has been temporarily closed for decontamination after one of its members tested positive for Covid-19.

The Community Service Centre will be operating from CERT SA in The Reeds, 52 Rooihuiskraal Road, Kolgans Park Building.  The community is advised to call 10111 for all emergencies and complaints which needs to be attended by Wierdabrug police station.

The telephone lines at Wierdabrug police station Community Service Centre will not be accessible for the duration of closure. The building will be undergoing decontamination and the community will be informed when the station will be operational again.

The SAPS management apologises for any inconvenience that may arise from this.

The Station Commander can be contacted on 071 686 7562 and the Relief Commander on 071 675 6459 / 071 675 6462.


Source: South African Police Service

Chatsworth man in court for dealing in drugs

DURBAN – – Police officers from the Provincial Organised Crime Unit with the assistance of the Durban Metro K9 Unit conducted an operation yesterday afternoon at Crossmoor in Chatsworth. The team had been monitoring criminal activities being conducted from a … read more

‫شركة MedAlliance تنال اعتماد علامة الأمان الأوروبية لبالون التصريف البطيء لعقار سيروليموس عبر دعامة SELUTION SLR™ لعلاج الشريان التاجي

نايون، سويسرا، 30 من يونيو 2020 /PRNewswire/ — أعلنت MedAlliance عن اعتمادها للمرة الثانية مقابل معايير علامة الأمان الأوروبية (CE) لجهازها SELUTION SLR™ 014 PTCA المستخدم في توسيع الشريان التاجي عن طريق الجلد، وهو عبارة عن بالون جديد للتصريف البطي لعقار سيروليموس المستخدم في علاج أمراض الشريان التاجي. ويشمل ذلك الدواعي الطبية المرتبطة بالإصابات المستجدة […] read more