Worcester Cluster Fiela team arrest suspects for drugs

Worcester Cluster Fiela Team has arrested a suspect with dagga, tik straws and 16 cuts of mandrax tablets estimated at R1100 during searches that were conducted in Ashton. The suspect has been charged with possession of drugs and has appeared at Ashton Magistrate Court.

Two suspects were arrested at Ceres by the Worcester Cluster Fiela Team and confiscated eight bags of dagga estimated at R8000. The suspects have appeared already at Ceres Magistrate Court after they were charged with dealing in dagga.

Two suspects have been arrested at De Doorns with 54 tik straws, 31 cuts of mandrax tablets and 17 mandrax full tablets estimated at R8700. They have appeared at De Doorns Magistrate Court for possession of drugs.

A suspect was arrested in Wolseley by Worcester Cluster Fiela Team with 100 mandrax tablets estimated at R8000. The suspect has already appeared in Wolseley Magistrate Court for possession of drugs.

Four suspects were arrested in Wolseley with tik straws, mandrax tablets and 28 cuts of mandrax estimated at R1400 during a house raid with a search warrant. They are expected to appear at Wolseley Magistrate Court after they have been charged with possession of drugs.

Source: South African Police Service