Western Cape Education on applications for re-marking or re-checking scripts deadline

Deadline for applications for re-marking or re-checking scripts, and to write supplementary exams is Thursday, 19 January

While many candidates are celebrating their success in the 2016 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations, there are candidates who did not receive the results that they had hoped to achieve.

A total of 6 672 candidates qualify to write the Supplementary examinations, presenting them with another opportunity to pass their NSC.

For the less than 1% of learners who did not pass their NSC or qualify to write the Supplementary exams, there is still the opportunity to apply to write the NSC at the end of 2017 as a repeater candidate.

Candidates also now have the opportunity to have their scripts re-marked or re-checked or to view their scripts.

Details on how to apply for a re-mark, re-check or the supplementary exams are as follows:

Supplementary examinations

Candidates qualify to write supplementary examinations if the following apply:

they still need a maximum of two of their subjects to pass

they were unable to write for medical reasons (the candidate would need to attach a medical certificate report from their doctor)

there was a death in their immediate family, or other special reasons why they could not write

they provide evidence that they need a better result to qualify to study at university or college, or to meet requirements for a specialist field of study or work.

Application forms and additional information can be found on the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) website - http://wced.school.za/documents/NSC-results/2017NSCSuppEntryForm.pdf

The closing date for applications to write the February/ March supplementary examination is Thursday, 19 January 2017.

Re-marking of scripts

Candidates can also apply to have their scripts re-marked for subjects they have failed or where they did not obtain the results they needed for specific purposes - for example - to obtain a bursary or satisfy university requirements.

The fee for re-marking of scripts is R92 per subject.

The closing date for applications to re-mark the November 2016 examination scripts is 19 January 2017.

Each candidate will be notified of the result of his or her re-mark before 31 March 2017.

Re-checking of scripts

Candidates may apply for their scripts to be checked to ensure that all answers have been marked, and that the marks have been added and processed correctly. The fee for the re-checking of scripts is R21 per subject and is non-refundable.

Applicants will be notified by letter about the results of the re-checking of scripts. Where applicable, an amended Advice of Results will be issued.

The closing date for applications for re-marking and re-checking of scripts is Thursday, 19 January 2017.

Viewing of scripts

If not satisfied with the outcome of a re-mark, candidates may apply for the viewing of their scripts at R180.00 per subject.

A written request must be submitted within fourteen (14) days after the official release of the re-mark results.

Refunding of re-marking fee

The WCED will refund re-marking fees in the following cases:

The candidate passes a subject or subjects which he or she initially failed; or

The candidate is awarded marks that improve the result in a subject by at least one level of achievement.

The department will refund the fees in these cases once it has completed the re-marking process for all subjects. Candidates must therefore keep their receipts for these fees in a safe place.

Where a refund is necessary an original BAS form must be completed by the candidate. This form may be downloaded from the WCED website and may be posted, hand delivered or emailed to the department for processing.

Application forms

The forms for the re-marking and re-checking of scripts can be obtained on the WCED website (http://wced.school.za/documents/NSC-results/NSC-Re-mark-check-Nov2016.pdf).

Application for re-marking or re-checking must be made on the prescribed forms. Separate forms must be submitted for re-checking and re-marking of examination scripts.

Re-marking, re-checking and viewing fees can be paid directly into the department's bank account (see details on the application form). Payments can also be made electronically by means of an EFT. The proof of payment, as well as the completed application documents.

Source: Government of South Africa