Water and Sanitation on healthy improvement in KwaZulu-Natal dam levels

KZN water levels show healthy improvement

KwaZulu-Natal dam levels have increased by 2% this week, currently sitting on 93,3% from last week’s 91,8%, following heavy downpours and flooding over the weekend and early in the week.

This is according to the weekly dam levels report by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

The province’s main water supply system, Umgeni Water Supply System, inched up to 102,6% from 101,8% last week. The Integrated Vaal River System (IVRS), which augments water supply in the province, leaped by 2% to land at 102,8% from 100,7%.

While the rest of the province’s dams have increased, Driel Barrage, Woodstock, Zaaihoek and Wagendrift dams have all remained unchanged this week, standing at 87,2%;92,6%; 90,6% and 102,1% respectively.

Hazlemere Dam is still the lowest in storage capacity, however, it seems to be making its way as it jumps to 59,5% this week. This is a 3% increase from last week’s, 53,2%.

Ntshingwayo dam also took a 4% leap to land at 81,5% from last week’s 77,9%, while Phongolopoort followed suit with a 2% hop from 86,4% to 88,3%.

The department continues to urge residents to use water sparingly.

“While we welcome the increase in KZN dam levels, it is however important to remember that we live in a semi-arid country and water needs to be preserved,” said the department’s spokesperson Wisane Mavasa.

“The department is continuing its work in ensuring that the country has a steady water supply and that every home has water coming out of the taps,” Mavasa concluded.

Source: Government of South Africa

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