Water and Sanitation on claims made by OUTA on cost of toilets

DWS refutes claims made by OUTA on the cost of toilets

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has noted with concern the peddling of a misconception by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), alleging that government will spend R88 500 on a single bucket toilet.

DWS denies this as incorrect and sensational, with the ultimate outcome of misleading the public and cast aspersions on government spending and priorities.

The budget allocation against the audited and completed number of toilets as reflected by OUTA is by no means correct or an accurate reflection of the cost of the toilet.

On average, the provision of a dry sanitation solution in areas without adequate infrastructure to enable the flushing of the toilet can cost up to R11 500 per toilet and R15 000 for waterborne toilet excluding new water, sewer reticulation as well as bulk services in the affected area.

Waterborne sanitation requires a number of aspects to enable the flushing of a toilet. This includes site preparation and establishment, digging and installing services such as reticulation and providing the top structures and yard connections. Generally, 70% of the project cost will go towards the reticulation (work underground) whilst the balance entails site establishment costs, new toilet structures and furniture, project management and design fees.

The Department remains committed to eradicate bucket toilets in the formal settlements whilst ensuring that all South Africans enjoy proper and dignified sanitation services that they were denied by the erstwhile government.

We will execute this constitutional mandate while following the necessary prescripts and we will not be deterred from this noble course.

Source: Government of South Africa