UPDATE: Israel Detains 21 Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank

Israeli occupation forces last night detained at least 21 Palestinians during raids in Jerusalem and in the West Bank districts of Jenin, Bethlehem, and Nablus, according to local and security sources.

In Jerusalem, Israeli forces stormed Qalandiya refugee camp, north of the city, and detained two Palestinians, identified as Anas Odeh and Samer Mansour.

Israeli police also raided the nearby town of ar-Ram, where they detained nine Palestinians who were not yet identified.

Meanwhile, the police detained a Palestinian worker in the neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem, under the pretext of entering Israel without an Israeli permit.

In Jenin area, north of the West Bank, Israeli army set a flying checkpoint near the village of Kafr Qoud, where they detained four Palestinians after seizing their vehicle. The four were identified as Taleb Yahya, Tareq Yahya, Yousef Yahya, and Hasan Yahya.

Israeli soldiers also set a flying checkpoint near the village of Deir Abu Daeef, east of Jenin, where they detained two Palestinian youngsters, also after seizing their vehicle. The two were identified as Muataz Zakarneh and Basem Salameh.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces broke into the city of Nablus and detained one Palestinian. He was idenfitifed as Essa Hashash, 19.

In Bethlehem, south of the West Bank, army broke into Aida refugee camp and the village of al-Khader and detained two Palestinians, after raiding and searching their homes. The two were identified as Anan Salah, 37, and Abderrazeq Badawneh, 25.

Source: WAFA