Umalusi issues new matric certificates to Knysna school gutted by fire

Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, recently issued a new batch of 2016 National Senior Certificates to former learners of Woodridge College in Knysna, Western Cape. The first batch was destroyed in the fires that ravaged the town of Knysna and surrounding areas earlier this year.

A total of 65 'matric' certificates were handed over to the school at no cost. This is part of Umalusi's legislative mandate as a Quality Council - to certify learner attainments at exit points of the basic education system. The reissue of these certificates also confirms Umalusi's commitment to its vision as a trusted authority in quality assurance of education provision, recognised locally and internationally. Furthermore, it attests to the currency and significance of the National Senior Certificate as a prerequisite for admission to higher education institutions and entry into the world of work.

The CEO of Umalusi, Dr Mafu Rakometsi, conveyed a word of support to Woodridge College and the broader community of Knysna in the aftermath of the ravaging fires, Umalusi stands firmly in support of the community of Knysna, its learners, parents and managers of various schools. We are glad that we could assist Woodbridge College by issuing the 2016 certificates. This is the least we could do as a Quality Council he said.

Source: Government of South Africa