Two suspects arrested with drugs in front of Muizenberg police station

The audacity of a drug dealer to park his vehicle filled with drugs in front of a police station this morning has cost him his freedom. Members of the Anti-Gang Unit were transporting a prisoner to Muizenberg court when they noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in front of the Muizenberg police station. They recognised the driver of the vehicle, who is known to have links with a local gang in the area. With him in the vehicle was a female passenger, who was making an appearance on a drug dealing charge at Muizenberg court.

The driver, on noting the police, attempted to evade the SAPS members by reversing down the street. The members forced the vehicle to stop and proceeded with a search of the car.

In the rear of the vehicle, they discovered a plastic bag containing 104 mandrax tablets, five large sticks of compressed dagga and three packets of tik. Sealed inside a 1kg packet of sugar and 1kg packet of maize meal, they found two cellular telephones wrapped in plastic. Two packets of tobacco were also found containing three cellular sim cards. A large amount of cash as well as ear phones and cellular telephone cables were also recovered. We believe these items were meant to be smuggled into a local prison.

Both suspects, the male aged 48 and female aged 23, both residents of Hillview, were arrested on charges of dealing in narcotics and detained at Muizenberg SAPS.

Source: South African Police Service