Two suspects arrested in police uniform with an unlicensed firearm in Cape Town

The vigilance of Cape Town Central police members stopped two bogus police officers armed with an unlicensed firearm and a possible stolen vehicle in their tracks this morning. The members were patrolling Long Street when their attention were drawn to two men dressed in police uniform sitting in a VW Golf. The men were approached and questioned, and the fact that the one was wearing a ladies uniform shirt raised more suspicion. The two suspects were searched and an unlicensed 9mm firearm with eight rounds of ammunition were found in their possession. The vehicle was fitted was false number plates and the possibility that it is stolen is being investigated. The two suspects aged 45 and 46 were arrested and once charged for impersonating a police officer and the possession of an unlicensed firearm, they are due to make a court appearance in Cape Town.

The Western Cape Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen KE Jula commended the members for their excellent work and preventing the crime these two bogus police officers were about to commit.

Source: South African Police Service