Two suspects arrested in East London Cluster on drug related charges

East London: East London COCC acted on information from Crime Intelligence Unit about mandrax being sold at a house in Santa. They immediately proceeded to the identified house and as they entered the house a male fitting the description ran towards the window.

The members however managed to prevent him from fleeing. They proceeded to search the room and found mandrax in a plastic bag. A 32-year-old male suspect was arrested and detained at East London police station for Dealing in Mandrax.

A second shack situated at Orange Groove Informal settlement was also identified by members of Crime Intelligence Unit and information was followed up. Upon their arrival at the identified premises, members noticed a male closing the door as he noticed police presence.

As the members approach the shack, they peep through the window and noticed a large quantity of loose dagga on the bed and a number of dagga bompies. They knocked on the door, identified themselves as police officers and ordered the person to open the door. The suspect then opened door.

Upon searching the shack they also found crystal meth (tik), lollies a fairly large quantity of mandrax tablets and an undisclosed amount of cash. A 40-year-old male suspect was arrested at East London police station for Dealing in drugs.

Both suspects will appear in the East London Magistrate's Court on Monday, 24 December 2018.

Source: South African Police Service