Three suspects arrested in the act of attempting to steal a vehicle

DURBAN – Three suspects aged between 32 and 37 are expected to appear before the Durban Magistrates Court soon where they will be facing charges of attempted theft of a motor vehicle and possession of car breaking implements.

Their arrest came after Durban North police officers were conducting patrols in the Durban North area at 13:20 yesterday. The team observed two men in a white VW Polo and when they get closer, they noticed that the men were tampering with the vehicles ignition whilst it was parked at a parking lot. The door of the vehicle was also damaged.

There was a vehicle that was waiting for the suspects and upon seeing the police officers, the two suspects jumped into the vehicle. The driver attempted to flee the scene but was cornered by police officers. A search was conducted and various number plates, a two-way radio and two bags containing car-breaking implements were found in the suspect’s possession.

All three suspects were placed under arrest. One of the suspects was positively linked to another case of theft out of motor vehicle that was reported at Sydenham SAPS. It is alleged that on 6 April 2021 at 17:10, the victim parked his vehicle at a service station in Sherwood. When he returned, he noticed that his vehicle was broken into and two laptops were taken. A case of theft out of motor vehicle was opened. The arrested suspects will be profiled to check if they are linked to other cases reported in Durban.

Source: South African Police Service