Suspect (28) Arrested for Possession of Drugs in 6th Avenue, Tafelsig

Western Cape: The police's fight against drug abuse yielded success last night (Wednesday, 2017-03-01) at about 23:55, when Mitchell's Plain police members were executing stop and search operations in 6th Avenue street, Tafelsig. They spotted a male suspect and requested to search him. Police found 87 mandrax tablets in his possession. The suspect, aged 28 years, was arrested for possession of drugs. He is expected to appear in court on Friday 2017-03-03.

If you or any one you know suffers from drug addiction, please contact SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) to get information about your nearest rehabilitation centre. Addiction to drugs and alcohol fuels crimes such as domestic violence, assault, theft and robbery, because addicts are often desperate for money to support their habit. Help is available. Persons found in possession of illegal substances such as dagga or Mandrax will be criminally prosecuted.

Source: South African Police Service