Stats SA kicks off Community Survey

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) field workers will start visiting households today to collect data for the Community Survey.

"Statistics South Africa deployed fieldworkers around the country, who will visit sampled households from Monday, 7 March to collect data during the Community Survey (CS) 2016," said Stats SA.

Fieldworkers contracted by Stats SA will carry official ID cards, which include a hologram image to verify authenticity. The ID card must be produced when visiting sampled homes.

The Community Survey is a large-scale household sample survey which happens between censuses. The survey will provide official statistics at municipal level to enhance planning, monitoring and evaluation at this level of governance.

Approximately 1.3 million sampled households in every area of the country will be visited by Stats SA field workers over a six-week period (07 March to 22 April 2016).

The field workers will ask households several questions which range around age, sex, income, access to water, sanitation, housing and ownership of assets, among others.

The CS is Statistics South Africa's second-largest undertaking after the census, which was last conducted in 2011. The survey therefore bridges the information gap between censuses.

It is anticipated that the CS 2016 results will be released by the end of June, which will be within two months after data collection is completed.

"This is relatively due to the use of advanced methods of data collection adopted by Stats SA, which also makes this undertaking highly efficient," said Stats SA.

Stats SA may be contacted through the call centre on 0800 110 248 or by sending email to for public queries relating to the survey.