South African President Jacob Zuma says that at the end of his second term as president of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party, he will remain active in the ANC branch at Nkandla, his home in northern KwaZulu-Natal Province.

He said this when speaking about his life when he leaves office during an address to delegates to the ANC's KwaZulu-Natal elective conference in Pietermaritzburg over the weekend.

Zuma, who was first elected president of the party in 2007 in the Polokwane conference in Limpopo Province and re-elected in 2012 in Mangaung in Free State Province, said he was aware of rumours that he was now a liabilty because he would be out of office after 2017.

“I didn't join the ANC as a president; I joined the ANC as an ordinary cadre. I became a volunteer. You could have referred to me then as a liability, there is no member who is a liability," he added.

"That's wrong thinking and it is lack of political understanding. I will be a member of the ANC until I die, and I will be active in the ANC until I die. So, I will be there all the time.”

Zuma, who also has to step down as President of South Africa at the end of his current second and final term under Constitutional term limits, also lamented about former ANC leaders criticising the party, saying only cowards did not raise issues on internal platforms.

He suggested they had contributed to problems while still part of the leadership. “These comrades were part of the leadership. Some of them were Secretaries-Generals You can only say, if the ANC is weak, they weakened it when they were in the leadership of the ANC.”