South African Film Maker Brings Global Awareness to Big 5 Gaming and Corrupt Extinction Laws Through Award Nominated Feature Film

Powerful Film Uncovers the Real Life Story of Government Corruption and Lies in South Africa and its Effect and Illegal Support of the Black Market Ivory Trade of Rhino Horns

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dual Films announces the public screening of Bloodlines Now or Never on the heels of awards season in Hollywood today. Written and produced by South African Film Maker, Serial Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Tariku Bogale, Bloodlines sheds light on the illegal ivory trade of rhino horns on the black market and the government corruption taking place in South Africa.

In South Africa, the price of a rhino horn is higher than cocaine. The now multibillion dollar illegal Rhino Trade industry is led by some of the most dangerous Asian Cartels, who are bribing the government to allow its continuation with no repercussions. Rhinos, who are on the world’s majestic big five animal extinction list, are fighting for their lives to escape the illegal hunting, while global organizations are fighting to save them and extract them out of South Africa to safer environments.

Given the political upset in South Africa, combined with global pressure to continue endangered species laws, Bogale became determined to tell the chilling secret of Big Game Hunting in hopes his movie will shed more light on the subject and convince people to lend more support to the cause.

Bogale will also be leveraging his film and books to help drive awareness on wider global initiatives in 2018 with the launch of his new non-profit charity which is aimed towards raising money to help support more stringent gaming laws. Through various air and animal sanctuary partners, on the top of Bogale’s list is to secure transport and new homes to over 100 rhinos and babies to safe sanctuaries sand zoos around the globe.

Additional screenings will also take place through December 21st at the Landmark Regent Theater located at 1045 Broxton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 and are open to the public with more screenings scheduled in other cities. Bogale is scheduled to visit LA for a special VIP Screening and Cocktail Reception on December 19th at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.

About Dual Films: Dual Films is a South African production company that produces films and books that focus on global issues that impact the international communities.

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