South Africa: Water and Sanitation On Upgrading of Thukela-Goedertrouw Transfer Scheme

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has commenced with the upgrading of the Thukela-Goedertrouw Transfer Scheme. This scheme is meant to prevent the Richards Bay area from running out of water, possibly within the year if nothing was to be done.

This medium term solution will see the upgrade of the Thukela-Goedertrouw Transfer Scheme through which water will be pumped from the Thukela River to the Goedertrouw Dam.

The DWS approved the funding budget of R410 million for 12 months' duration of the project which commenced in June 2016; this will effect the stabilisation of water supply to Richards Bay and surrounding areas once completed.

The Goedertrouw Dam is Zululand's major water resource and has currently reached a record low level of 25%. The time has come therefore for action to double the feeder pipeline from the Tugela River, thus the upgrade.

Source: South African Government