South Africa: Parents Urged to Caution Children On Safety Matters

Pretoria � As learners are sitting for their final examinations throughout the country, the South African Police Service would like to take this opportunity to wish them the very best during this very difficult time.

It is during this time and in the upcoming school holidays that we find children are most exposed to dangers. The South African Police Service is committed to preventing, managing and responding to incidents of crime and violence in and out of schools. However, to ensure maximum safety of the children, we will require the support of both parents and children and we urge them to be vigilant at all times.

Now that learners are no longer required to remain in school after writing their exam papers, this leaves them unsupervised and possibly exposed to all types of dangers including gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse, kidnapping, contact crimes (assault, murder and rape), drowning, motor vehicle accidents, child pornography and suicides.

To further help us help children not become victims to these crimes, we urge parents to constantly talk to their children and make them aware of these possible dangers. Communication with your child is critical in the prevention of such incidents. Do not take matters for granted and do not make the common mistake in assuming that "it would not happen to my child".

Source: South African Police Service.