Search and seizure warrants executed for counterfeit car accessories

GAUTENG - Search and seizure warrants were executed at an East Rand business square in Boksburg on Wednesday, 15 February 2023.

The targeted operation was conducted in terms of the Counterfeit Goods Act. This followed a complaint that was received implicating three well known businesses apparently contravening the Counterfeit Goods Act in respect of selling counterfeit Ford accessories.

The identified premises were on the authorities' radar for a while culminating in a fact finding operation which involved members from the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law, Hawks' Serious Commercial Crime Investigation, Brand representatives, Public Order Police and local Visible Policing members.

Several car accessories and parts bearing Ford logo were found and confiscated from the premises.

Criminal and civil proceedings are to be instituted against the responsible businesses as well as their respective owners.

Police reports were registered at a local police station to allow for a thorough legal process to unfold. The value of the seized items is estimated at a substantial amount which is yet to be quantified.

Source: South African Police Service