SAPS Youth Day celebrations focus on bullying and abuse in Nelson Mandela Bay District

GQEBERHA - In the recent months, South Africans were exposed to incidents on bullying among our youth in schools. Bullying constitutes a significant challenge to school safety while at the same time can have devastating consequences if not immediately tackled and addressed.

SAPS across Nelson Mandela Bay teamed up with non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), Community Policing Forums(CPF), sporting fraternities and youth structures in their policing precincts and conducted crime awareness programmes focussing on bullying, abuse of alcohol and drugs as well as teenage pregnancy. These events took place on 16 June 2021 with the youth as the targeted audience.

Events among others were held in Kabega Park, Motherwell and Swartkops respectively. Sector managers at SAPS Kabega Park set up an information desk at a local golf club in Kragga Kamma and addressed about 50-100 parents and their children on the dangers of drugs. Parents were also educated on the tell-tale signs of a drug user. Children were made aware of cyber-bullying which entails telephone messages, SMS and online bullying. The youth in Kuyga were spoken to about Gender Based Violence and bullying in schools. They were encouraged to speak out if they ever became a victim of either or both of these social ills.

Likewise, SAPS Motherwell and Swartkops have also taken to the streets and sports fields speaking to the youth on these pertinent issues that could affect their future. The sentiments and concerns shared by the SAPS were echoed by all other roleplayers( Councillors, Metro Police, Departments of Correctional Service and Justice) that participated in these events. In Motherwell, the young teenagers from Soqhayisa Senior Secondary School showcased their artistic talent by marching through the streets in sync with the band (march and drill parade). SAPS Swartkops addressed the youth in an open field in Wells Estate.

All of these events were favourably received by both youth and parents as well as the organisers of the various events.

Investing in our youth today must start early so that the foundation of good morals and discipline are cemented for a brighter and positive future for our children.

Source: South African Police Service