SAPS Search and Rescue Team assists German Tourist who fell of a cliff

On Wednesday evening, 21 August 2019, the SAPS' Search and Rescue team came to the aid of a 31-year-old German national, after she allegedly fell off a cliff while on a sight-seeing excursion with her partner at Lisbon Water falls in Graskop.

Information received indicates that she lost her balance and fell off the cliff onto an overhanging tree, where she was trapped for some time. The search and rescue team were alerted and responded swiftly thus managing to pull her back to safety, before she could slip further down.

The woman was rushed to hospital where she is currently receiving medical treatment.

The Provincial Commissioner of police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma applauds all the role players for showing their mettle and for the professionalism and dedication they displayed during such a complex and dangerous operation.

Source: South African Police Service