SAPS National Library Service a resource to empower employees and the community with knowledge and information

Pretoria: The South African Police Service's National Library has hosted the annual National Library Forum in Bloemfontein, Free State Province between 11 to 13 September 2018. The forum provides a platform to discuss measures on how to improve the capacity and professionalism of the SAPS Library Services. This includes the SAPS playing an active role in updating employees on recent developments and research findings or publications relating to policing knowledge worldwide.

The objectives of the SAPS Library Service are to encourage information-sharing, personnel development, and collaborative and strategic solutions for policing related challenges. The aim of the SAPS Library Service is to support SAPS employees in terms of human capital, development by promoting a learning culture within the SAPS by acquiring, organizing, disseminating and providing access to learning resources and services in a congenial environment.

The South African Police Service will support the teaching, learning and research needs of the Policing community by providing access to information on physical and electronic library resources, facilities and customer focused services. These are made available from both the Head Office, Provincial and Academic Libraries in all provinces as well as via the Library website on the SAPS's Intranet. The Library also supports the Service's strategic partnership initiatives with the external community.

The potential library users include all SAPS employees, trainees, researchers, registered post graduates, legal officers, investigators, police officials and their family members. Potential library users are required to visit their local library offices for free registration in order to gain access to the available services.

The 39 nationwide libraries operate from 07:30 to 16:00, Monday to Friday and allow the users to search for relevant information on the electronic database. The library can be opened on Saturdays and after hours, based on prior arrangement. The Library has values which determine the ethos of the organization. However, it is also important that librarians within the Library Service believe in and live by the values of the Library Service, to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to their target audiences.

Members are encouraged to utilise these libraries and nurture their knowledge, intelligence and to acquire information on different topics to assist in their studies. Community members, especially in rural areas, are encouraged to use and access the SAPS National Libraries to acquire information in their different fields of studies.

Source: South African Police Service