SAPS appeal to community to implement water safety

An urgent appeal is made to the public to adhere to and implement the following safety measures to ensure the safety of children and adults;


Supervision alone is not enough, parents need to educate children on the dangers and safety of being in and around water areas.

Children must always be under adult supervision when going near water areas.

Never walk closely along the edge of canals, dams, rivers and swamps.

Never jump into the water in an attempt of rescuing someone if you don't know how to swim.

portable splash pools, buckets of water and baths must be emptied and not left unattended;

if pools of water collect on the ground while sprinklers are running, move the sprinklers to another area;

ensure that security gates around pools are locked and closed at all times;

never swim alone especially in dams, canals and rivers;

do not swim in dirty or murky waters and make sure about the depths of the water before entering the water;

never swim after consuming alcohol or under the influence any medicines;

children must not be left unattended near canals, river banks , pools or dams even if they can swim and an adult must always be present;

always be aware of warning signs near water areas and adhere to them at all times;

never walk on the banks of the rivers or dams;

do not cross bridges or enter subways when filled with water.

Whether you're taking a dip in a back yard pool, dam or river, remember to play safe around water.

Source: South African Police Service