Rottweiler dogs put down

The five Rottweiler dogs that viciously attacked a security guard at Oshakati on Sunday, leading to his death, were put down on Monday.

Deputy Commissioner Theophilus Kamati of the Oshana Namibian Police Force on Monday said that all the dogs were put down following the attack on 44-year-old Ruben Abraham early on Sunday morning.

Since this incident, another man was also attacked by the same dogs while coming from work, Kamati said. This victim escaped unharmed.

Abraham was attacked by the five dogs at a business area in Oshakati while he was on his way home from work. The dogs belong to a 42-year-old Chinese businesswoman.

Abraham died Sunday in the Oshakati State Hospital’s intensive care unit where he was admitted.

“All the dogs were put down today, during the morning hours,” Kamati said Monday.

He said a case of murder has been opened against the owner of the dogs, and police investigations continue.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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