Robbery suspect nabbed in Eshowe

Eshowe police arrested a 37-year-old suspect for robbery and he is appearing today in the Eshowe Magistrates Court. On 2 January 2019, the victim was at the CBD when he spotted the suspect who had allegedly robbed him of his belongings including bank cards and withdrew his money from the ATM five months ago. The victim immediately contacted the police and they swiftly intercepted the suspect.

An investigation was conducted which led police to the suspect's vehicle. It was a hired vehicle, it had different bank cards and a chunk of fake cash notes. Police immediately arrested the suspect and he was linked to other robbery and fraud cases occurred at Esikhaleni, Empangeni and Gingindlovu.

The suspect's modus operandi is that they throw these notes in front of their 'prey' and say that they must go to a secluded area where no one would see them to split the money since they found it simultaneously. The victim will be taken to the bushes where another suspect would emerge or into the vehicle with other suspects where the victim will be robbed of the valuables. Police are still searching for his accomplices and are conducting an investigation to determine if he can be further linked to other cases with similar modus operandi in the province.

Source: South African Police Service