Road Traffic Management Corporation on conclusion of National Traffic Indaba

National Traffic Indaba to announce on the resolutions and way forward

The National Traffic Indaba hosted by the Road Traffic Management Corporation together with the Department of Transport, will on Friday; 09 December 2016 come to an end after five days of deliberation on traffic management issues. The indaba is hosted under the theme Advancing discipline, order, and mobility on our roads'.

During the indaba, traffic officers articulated a clear roadmap of the following challenges, and ways to address the matters. Under law enforcement, there were robust discussions on the critical role played by institutions of higher learning in shaping and developing the road traffic law enforcement practitioners. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) was engaged to further play their role in minimising and mitigating the impact of road carnages and fatalities by making sure that; case dockets on drunk driving are well managed and not always stroke off the roll by magistrates.

One of the major topics during the indaba that received great attention was around the issue of advancing coordinated and integrated approach in the fight against fraud and corruption in licensing stations. Furthermore; the Department of Health submitted that; road accidents were becoming a burden to their operational costs as they set the department back by up to 10-billion.

Tomorrow; the Chief Executive Officer of the RTMC, Advocate Makhosini Msibi is expected to give closing remarks at the National Traffic Indaba, announce the Indaba resolutions for 2016 and the way forward.

Source: Government of South Africa