Republic of Korea donates vehicles to Namibian government

Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Jennely Matundu, has thanked the Government of South Korea for its generous support to the Namibian Government over the past four years.

On Monday, Korea once again donated three vehicles under the Small-Scale Grant Programme valued at over N.dollars 2 million.

Speaking during the symbolic handover of the vehicles, Matundu said Korea has continuously supported her ministry’s small-scale grant assistance programme throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Korean government also provided humanitarian assistance valued at more than N.dollars 4 million during the outbreak.

“I wish to thank you once again for visiting Namibia and for the valuable donation. Let me assure you that Namibia truly values your cooperation and support and looks forward to furthering our mutually beneficial relations,” she said.

The Korean Ambassador to Namibia, Choi Kwang-jin, said the donation symbolises the long-lasting relationship between the two countries that started with Namibia’s independence 33 years ago.

“Korea and Namibia have been great partners ever since we established diplomatic ties in 1990,” said Kwang-jin.

“I hope that the Korean vehicles that we provide will benefit the Namibian government and people, and I look forward to working together to strengthen the Korea-Namibia partnership.”

The vehicles, two minivans and a sports utility vehicle, are expected to be delivered from South Africa.

He was accompanied by a business delegation from Korea, which attended the inaugural Namibia-Korea Energy and Resources Business Forum in Windhoek on Monday.

“All of these show how important Namibia is becoming to Korea, and I believe that there will be even more cooperation between our two countries in the future,” Ambassador Kwang-jin said.

With regard to the business forum, Matundu called on the two countries to explore ways to promote and protect investments in both countries.

“Let us find ways to also accelerate trade and investment opportunities in other key sectors of our economy to create employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth in Namibia, and generate export potential for Namibia-Korean goods and services into Korea,” she said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency