Rates rebates increase by R203 million

The City of Cape Town is consistently working to enhance its assistance to vulnerable groupings, and to minimise the effect of municipal property rates and tariff increases on these groups.

The City is happy to report that the total package for rates assistance has increased by R203 million to approximately R1,4 billion in the 2017/18 financial year.

This increase can be linked to the City programmes that publicise and encourage registration for indigent benefits; rates rebates for senior citizens and disabled persons; and the introduction of an additional R50 rates rebate for properties valued between R400 001 and R750 000.

'In our efforts to facilitate the growth of a world-class city, we must be mindful of the challenging economic circumstances faced by many of our communities.

'As such, the City provides rates rebates to those most in need as part of our commitment to supporting the most vulnerable in society, alleviating poverty, and enabling a more integrated and equal society,' said the City's Mayoral Committee Member for Finance, Cllr Johan van der Merwe.

Municipal property rates rebates are broken down as follows:

Exemptions for religious and other organisations - R153 538 669

Rebates on the first R200 000 of a property's value � R911 456 042

Rebates for senior citizens and disabled persons � R108 110 259

Rebates to agriculture � R83 124 913

Rebates to public benefit/non-profit/sports organisations � R78 380 976

Rebates to land reform beneficiaries � R2 003 898

Indigent rebates � R7 046 367

Additional R50 rebate for properties valued between R400 001 and R750 000 � R87 374 300

Source: City of Cape Town