PSC assessing complaint into government recruitment processes

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has received a complaint requesting a formal investigation into the alleged interference of the Cadre Deployment Committee of the African National Congress into Public Service appointments.

The complaint was lodged by Member of Parliament, Dr Leon Schreiber.

The Commission is assessing the complaint, including the question of the PSC’s legal mandate to investigate such complaint in order to determine the appropriate action to take in the matter.

The PSC is tasked and empowered to, amongst others, investigate, monitor, and evaluate the organisation and administration of the Public Service.

This mandate also entails the evaluation of achievements, or lack thereof of government programmes.

The PSC also has an obligation to promote measures that would ensure effective and efficient performance within the Public Service and to promote values and principles of public administration as set out in the Constitution, throughout the Public Service.

Source: South African Government News Agency