Projects to pump more water into Gauteng network

Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane has challenged the youth to get educated so they can participate in the infrastructure projects that are being implemented by government.

The Minister on Thursday launched three water augmentation projects at the Rand Water Zuikerbosch Water Pumping Station, which are aimed at meeting the increasing high demand for water in Gauteng.

Minister Mokonyane said when the projects started, more than 600 job opportunities were created. However more opportunities will be created as operations expand.

" Those in school should study so that when this project is completed, they can come and do operational and maintenance work" said Minister Mokonyane.

The total average daily demand on the Rand Water network is projected to increase from the current demand of some 4 320 mega litres per day to around 5 500 mega litres per day by 2030.

"This is an average rate of demand growth of 1.75% per annum over this period. These demand projections exclude the impact of demand management initiatives, which are being intensified.

"The core water treatment plants are Zuikerbosch and Vereeniging. In the distribution network, the infrastructure comprises 3 500km of pipelines, 58 reservoirs with an average size 100Ml, four secondary booster sites and nine tertiary sites," the Minister said.

Minister Mokonyane said the projects are critical milestones in the history of Rand Water.

"The additional 200 mega litres per day will provide the much needed supply in order to alleviate supply challenges in the short term, especially during high demand season."

In 1994, only 48% of South Africans had access to water. Today, more than 90% have access to clean water.

Source: Government Communication and information System