President Zuma did not appeal to religious leaders to be apolitical

President Jacob Zuma has noted the ongoing commentary on statements he made during the annual Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ (TACC) International Thanksgiving Day celebrations in Durban on Sunday, 04 December 2016, where he cautioned religious leaders to avoid being drawn into divisive party political squabbles.

The President reiterates his view that religious leaders should avoid becoming embroiled in divisive party political squabbles and that they should ideally strive to be above such and unite all the people in the pursuit of justice, righteousness and the common good.

It is the President's view that it would be helpful if religious leaders rose above the mudslinging so that they could be able to mediate and bring about peace where the need arises.

President Zuma understands, appreciates and commends the role that the faith-based community played in the struggle for liberation which led to the dawn of freedom and democracy in our country. Government also values the role that that the faith based sector continue to play in the reconstruction and development of our country and in promoting national unity.

Source: Government of South Africa