President calls for safety amid festivity at Easter

President Cyril Ramaphosa wishes South Africans well for the Easter holidays and has called for this period to be observed in a spirit of tolerance, consideration and safety.

The President has urged travelers to share the country's roads with consideration for fellow road users � including pedestrians � and to follow all the rules of the road diligently and consistently.

In addition, says the President, law-enforcement agencies are on high alert and instructed to apply the law as stringently as possible for minor and serious offences alike.

President Ramaphosa says: There is no reason that our Easter holidays should be remembered for the number of lives lost or injuries incurred on our roads; this should be a period of rest and enjoyment where everyone who leaves home, returns safely.

Let us work together to prove that we can reduce death, injury and damage on our roads. It is our own behaviour that inflicts tragedy on families and costs on our economy. It is within us to change this.

For those of us who will spend this period at home, let us make this a time of taking care of ourselves, our families and our neighbours. We should all be able to enjoy this time in conditions of safety so that all of us are available after these holidays to continue growing South Africa together.

I offer my best wishes to religious communities and the nation at large for the long weekend ahead.

Source: The Presidency Republic of South Africa