Premier Stanley Chupu Mathabatha addresses Senior Management Service Summit, 5 Jun

Premier Mathabatha to address Senior Management Service Summit

The Premier of Limpopo Provincial Government, Mr Stanley Chupu Mathabatha will deliver a keynote address at the Limpopo Senior Management Service (SMS) Summit. All members of the media are cordially invited to cover the opening address by the Premier.

The SMS programme is of crucial importance in the public service and plays a critical role in the effective and efficient functioning of the provincial administration. It is entrusted with the responsibility of strengthening leadership and management capacity in government, converting the policy mandates into departmental strategies, plans and programmes.

It is against this backdrop that the Limpopo Provincial Government host a summit that will afford SMS members in the province a platform to collectively deliberate on matters that would significantly improve the public service and consequently impact positively on the developmental aspirations of the citizens.

Source: Government of South Africa