Police urge public to be aware of scammers in the Emanguzi area

DURBAN- Emanguzi police has issued a warning to community of Emanguzi and other areas, of organized car hijacking syndicates operating in their area. A number of residents from Emanguzi, Durban and Empangeni have become victims of this ruthless syndicate.

These criminals target individuals who own businesses that are in the building and transporting industry. They target individuals who own vehicles and offer them contracts. Once the individual has agreed to do the job, they are directed to a meeting point where they are hijacked of their vehicles.

In a recent case, a 33-year-old man was contacted to repair ceilings at KwaNgwanase. He was requested to meet an intermediary at Phelandaba who was going to direct him to the worksite. Whilst talking to the individual in Phelandaba, a group of suspects emerged from the bushes and held him up. He was tied up to a tree whilst his vehicle and cellphone were taken. A case of hijacking was opened at Emanguzi police station.

Source: South African Police Service