Police looking for vigilantism suspects

Members of the South African Police Service at Vosman, near Witbank are looking for unknown men responsible for the death of three other men in the area, yesterday afternoon.

Information at police disposal revealed that four men were reportedly abducted from their respective places on Thursday, 03 January 2019 and taken to some secret location where they were kept as well as assaulted accused of hi-jacking taxis in and around Vosman. Yesterday, 04January 2019, police got information that there was a commotion at Extension 2, Hlalanikahle which is also a Vosman precinct and immediately responded with a view to launch an investigation.

When they arrived at the place, they were reliably informed that apparently there were men that were kept against their will somewhere in the vicinity. While the police were actively in the process of verifying the information, news broke that the same men have been sneaked out of the place where police were and whisked to another taxi rank at Extension 11. The relentless police swiftly dashed to the place, however, when they arrived they were told that there were dead bodies stashed in the offices of the taxi operators. Those narratives drew the attention of the police to investigate further at which point the allegations were confirmed. Initially it was reported that four men were abducted, now three were found dead, one still alive and was immediately hospitalised but not before telling the police that their assailants, were physically beating them up as well as forcing them to drink acid, those allegations will be confirmed by the post-mortem which will be conducted.

The act prompted police to initiate an intensive investigation regarding this heartless act, which currently the community is mobilised to be patriotic to the call of acting against lawless individuals. It is on the backdrop of this call that anyone with tangible information that can assist the police with their investigation, to immediately engage with them.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma has cautioned the community not to take the law into their own hands, no matter how strongly they feel about a particular matter. "Just the other day two men were killed vigilantism-style in Msogwaba, Pienaar near Nelspruit, today here we are facing another senseless loss of life, our people need to learn to be patient and to trust the criminal justice system of the land", said General Zuma.

Police have opened three counts of murder, attempted murder as well as kidnapping and are looking for the perpetrators. Hence an appeal is made to anyone who may assist in the investigation to contact Colonel Moses Maepa at 082 685 6724 or the SAPS Crime Stop number 08600 10111.

Source: South African Police Service