Police investigating attempted murder of security guard in Johannesburg CBD

Johannesburg Central police are investigating an attempted murder of a security guard who was shot and wounded by the suspects who attempted to rob a business at corners of Pritchard and Mooi Streets over the weekend, on Saturday, 19 January 2019 at about 14:00. The victim who was taken to the hospital after being shot in the lower body, has since been discharged.

A video trending on social media relating to the incident is forming part of an investigation. It is alleged that a security guard, who suspected an imminent business robbery, confronted the suspects. In the process, several shots were fired and the security guard was wounded. Several members of the public who witnessed the incident are being interviewed to establish as to what had transpired at the crime scene as well as the whereabouts of the suspects. Police are also appealing to the members of the public who may have more information who can assist in an investigation to come forward.

Police are also appealing to the members of the public who are on social media to allow police to investigate this incident as visuals trending on social media may be a potential source that may be used as evidence in court.

Source: South African Police Service