Police intensify search for 3 family members

TSOMO - Police request the public to assist with the whereabouts of three family members who are believed to have gone missing between Sunday 01 December 2019 and Monday 02 December 2019.

According to the information two young girls, aged 16 and 17 who lived with their 71-year-old grandmother disappeared together with their grandmother. The incident occurred at Lower Trojan in Tsomo.

Reports from their 19-year-old sister who was not staying with them suggests that the two missing sisters were being raped over time by their uncle. This included herself until one of them fell pregnant. She then reported the matter to the police and a case of rape was registered. On the day of the missing family, the police had earlier visited the family as part of the investigation after rape allegations were reported. It is alleged that after the police left, the uncle arrived and began questioning the family on what the police were looking for. That was the last time the family was seen.

The 40-year-old uncle has since been arrested in connection with the disappearance of the three family member. Search for the grandmother together with her grandchildren is still underway in the villages of Tsomo and surrounding communities. A case of Kidnapping has been registered for investigation.

Source: South African Police Service