Police attacked during the arrest of a Kensington gangster

Gangsters who are of the opinion that SAPS will be intimidated by their violent behaviour to prevent the arrest of a suspect must reconsider. On Friday evening our members came under attack in Kensington when they conducted a search operation for a suspect who was evading his arrest on charges of pointing of a firearm and assault, and reckless and or negligent driving. He is also considered a person of interest in an attempted murder investigation.

The suspect was located at his Ventura Street residence, a known venue of a local Kensington gang, and during his arrest he assaulted two of our members. He also instigated his fellow gang members to attack police and assist him to evade his arrest. During the violence that erupted, warning shots were fired by police to prevent the 23-year-old suspect from being freed.

Fortunately our members did not sustain any serious injurious during the event. The suspect has been detained and an additional charge of assault on a police officer was added against him. He is expected to make a court appearance in Cape Town tomorrow.

Source: South African Police Service