Police arrests vehicle examiner and school employee for alleged fraud and corruption

Vehicle examiner and school employee nabbed for corruption

A vehicle examiner from a private testing station and an employee from a school for the deaf a to appear in Temba magistrate court in Tshwane this morning after being arrested in connection with alleged fraud and corruption.

The two, an vehicle examiner from Greeenpeace private vehicle testing station in Hammarskraal and an employee of the Dominican School for the Deaf were arrested by members of the National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit yesterday.

It is alleged that the school employees paid the vehicle examiner a sum of R200 to issue a roadworthy certificate for a school bus without bringing the bus into the station for testing. The bus was later found to have multiple defects including a broken windscreen, missing wiper, broken indicator lights, and missing battery cables.

The arrests were made following a period of surveillance by the members of the National Anti-Corruption Unit. It is believed that the station issued about 20 vehicle roadworthy certificates a day even though observations by anti-corruption officers showed that very few vehicles were brought into the station for roadworthy evaluation.

The suspects were detained at Temba police station.

Source: Government of South Africa