Operation ‘Okae Molao’ – Police seize stolen vehicles, impound 21 minibus taxis and arrest 503 suspects

PARKTOWN - Gauteng police are intensifying 'Okae Molao' operations as more than 500 suspects have been arrested during operations conducted since yesterday night until midday today. Seven (7) foreign registered vehicles and 21 minibus taxis were impounded, three firearms and 17 stolen vehicles recovered.

The operations were conducted simultaneously in all five districts by means of stop and search operations, roadblocks and raids of wanted suspects by the detectives. 433 suspects were arrested. Some of these suspects were wanted for serious a d violent crimes including house robbery, drug dealing and murder. Three firearms were seized during these arrests

During roadblocks, 16 undocumented people were arrested and more than R45 000 fines were issued to motorists, second hand goods dealers' and liquor outlets for unrelated offences. Seven (7) foreign registered vehicles and 21 minibus taxis were also impounded for various traffic offences.

The Vehicle Identification Section also recovered 17 stolen and hijacked vehicles. A hotel was also closed in Vanderbiljpark for Liquor Act related transgressions.

"As these operations continues, they will at one stage or another inconvenience the lawful abiding citizens but at the same assures them that it is at the benefit of Gauteng citizens who wants to feel safe", says the Provincial Commissioner Gauteng Lieutenant General Elias Mawela who himself drives these operations on daily basis. He further says that he will not rest until the call of the Gauteng communities to remove criminals from the streets has been answered.

Source: South African Police Service